Having depth of experience and breadth of expertise is good for business. Employing rigorous research methods and being 100% professional is a precursor to successful deals. Working with integrity is non-negotiable. These are all parts of the foundation that keeps Rebmormax Consulting in the game.

However, our true differentiator lies in our insight and skill in understanding and executing the attraction of the best talent. And we are bold about it too. In fact, we push BOLD beyond the boundaries. The bottom line is that we are dealmakers. So we know that it’s not just about bringing the talent to the table, it’s securing the talent for our clients that is the real challenge.

Because we are part of, and therefore understand, the requirements of the ‘Y Generation’, we know how to best interact and build relationships with this new generation of talented people. We understand that the effective and meaningful use of social media is an essential means of building ongoing relationships with the best talent in the market. Talent recognizes talent and so it is true that talent refers talent. We are an integral part of that plugged in, 24/7 communication and referral process.

We also bring out the boldness in you.

As a South African search company, we understand the unique challenges that face both South African and African companies today in respect of winning the war for talent. We understand the challenges that companies face in respect of expanding their businesses into Africa, attracting talent through strong employer branding, despite reduced budgets and recessionary challenges. We see ourselves as an extension of our clients and their brands, as well as a highly effective PR tool for them in the employee market place. We understand that real transformation is a process that takes time, effort and ongoing skills development and, as such should not be undermined by irresponsible recruitment.

Ultimately however, we are not an office in a big global search company where rigid process and pricing outweigh the dynamics of attracting the talent. We are a personalized team of talent managers, who through enabling information systems and relevant market intelligence, are able to stay ahead of the curve in understanding and interacting with the dynamics of the talent pool.

Talented people have choices, and we make sure that our clients are well positioned to be part of that choice process.