At Rebmormax we specialise in executive search.
By taking a unique approach to the process, we’ve become experts at recruiting individuals who can fill critical roles within an organisation.

It’s about finding the best people for your organisation, and not necessarily just looking at job seekers. A major part of the process is effective research of talented people who are working for competitors and in other related businesses.

What makes us so good at what we do?

Much of our success is due to the specialist knowledge of talented people, how they transition from one role to another, what is important to them and how they best respond to market opportunities.

We understand that you can have the best research processes possible, extensive networks and excellent social media strategies – but understanding and engaging dynamically and personally with people makes us leaders in our field.

Consulting and collaborating with our clients and candidates – and honestly managing the balance of everyone’s interests is a critical part of our ethos.

We ensure that our candidates meet the qualification and experience requirements. But more than that, we understand that the difference between a good hire and a great one is not only corporate fit, but also recognising what is the “X” factor magic. We want maximum business impact for our clients with the talent we provide.

We build relationships for the long term that go above and beyond the short-term profit incentive.

We believe in people. As Brian Joffe, says, the current trend of commoditised recruitment processes to cut costs undermines the essential fact – people create growth, companies just report it. We are in the business of managing and engaging with people. It’s part of our value system, and our processes always remember and reflect that.

We value integrity above all else, but we also respect the value of – and won’t compromise on – privacy and personal confidentiality.

We believe that as a CEO, the most important thing you can do is effectively recruit your key talent. Do it right, and with the right partners.
As Bill Gates once said: “It all starts with the right hire.”