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Understanding that the relationship with a headhunter is mutually beneficial, could change the way you look at your career

More often than not you will be approached with no warning by a headhunter, putting you off balance and unsure as to what to expect and how to react. In light of this we would like to offer some trade secrets about a recruiter’s ultimate intentions to put your mind at ease.

Essentially there are only two types of recruitment calls.

The first is a recruiter looking for general information, establishing who you are, your skills and background as well as the structure of your organisation. The purpose of this is often to build a talent pool report, or to meet a client’s need of understanding the existing talent in the market. Either way, your profile gets on the radar and this is never a bad thing.

The second approach is when the recruiter wants to talk about a specific role; an actual role that they wish to evaluate and ultimately consider you for. If they are professional they will be working on an exclusive mandate, and will state as such.

It is unlikely that the consultant will share who the actual client is, but if the role sounds really exciting and you feel that this is something you want to explore further, then make an arrangement to meet with them.

It is often asked why one should continue to have the conversation if you are happy in your job and are not interested in pursuing other opportunities. In our combined 20 years’ experience we have discovered that careers are like jungle gyms – you may think you are climbing one way when suddenly something comes along that really needs to be considered for several reasons:

It gives you information about other opportunities that are around in the market and provides external opinions and information on the remuneration levels for a particular type of role

It helps you build a relationship with a search consultant in the market place and a good relationship can be an incredible friend for the future, for example; at increase time they can supply you with information about general market increases. Professional headhunters can also be a great sounding board if you come to a crossroads in your career and need guidance

Hearing about a new opportunity may make you reconsider where you are in your career, and what you can realistically do in your current employment to reach your goals

Considering additional avenues, and the benefits that accompany each, often makes one re-evaluate and consider what it is that is important in terms of job satisfaction

About Sam Deuchar

Sam Deuchar leads the Rebmormax team. She is a seasoned HR, talent and change management executive with extensive corporate and consulting experience across the finance, IT and construction industries. She provides consulting expertise specifically in talent acquisition and people strategy.