Make every day Mandela Day


Mandela Day is a time to reflect on what is to be a South African, to be reminded of the selfless work being done each day in our country, and most importantly to give our time for the betterment of others.

Roxanne and baby

We were all feeling excitement and trepidation in equal measures as to what to expect, and were therefore overjoyed by what awaited us at the Princess Alice Adoption Home in Westcliff – a beautiful old house situated on the grounds of The Hope School.

Run by Jo-Anne Schermeier, who gives so much of herself to help others, the home cares for up to 30 abandoned and orphaned babies up to 2 years old.  It is an incredibly warm and happy home, we left feeling uplifted and full of joy knowing that they have an almost 100% success rate with adoptions – mostly with SA parents, but some by Finnish and Belgian couples.

Belinda and babyThankfully, Dis-Chem matched our donation of supplies and baby food with a donation of much needed medicine – a contribution whose importance will never be overlooked particularly during these more difficult winter months.

After a heartwarming morning of playing with the older children, and comforting the younger babies, we are committed to volunteering regularly and not waiting for Mandela Day to donate much needed love, support and time.

About Julia Goodman

Julia is a research and marketing executive at Rebmormax