Learning from your mistakes as a recruiter


We all have bad days, days when as a recruiter we make the phone call with our heart not fully in it and when that call leaves you with sleepless nights and in a cold sweat.

It happened to me recently when I had to focus on securing a lawyer candidate for one of our clients. When the third candidate answered her phone I just launched into the sales diatribe: “Hello Sarah, my name is Nontle and I’m an executive search consultant etcetera etcetera …” The poor woman must have thought I was a nutty salesperson. I was going at 100 miles an hour and I couldn’t even understand anything that I was saying. My head and heart weren’t into it, which translated into my overzealous delivery. Sarah stopped me in mid-sentence for which I thanked her, because if she hadn’t said that she was happy with where she was in her career at the moment, I would have rambled on for another 20 minutes. After my humiliation I called it quits and decided to go home.

Sarah stayed on my mind that night, and the following day, after much consideration and hesitation, I gave her a call back. This time things were different, I apologised for the way I had handled the call and from there on it was smooth sailing. Although she still declined the opportunity I had for her, I got the chance to get to know Sarah, where she is in her career and her interests. As relationships are an integral part for any recruiter to successfully do their job, this conversation I have no doubt will bear fruit in the future.

As in anything in life, lessons are learnt through all actions, and in this case it is realising that being in the right frame of mind is vital for success.

About Nontle Mgazi

Nontle is a junior consultant at Rebmormax