CEO Qualifications in SA


Just how qualified do you think South African CEO’s are? And what should you study if your aim is to be the CEO one day? Research done by executive placement agency, Rebmormax, has revealed that 38% of the country’s CEO’s are CA’s – this research was done from the 2012 top 100 companies as surveyed in the Sunday Times.

Among the top 100 companies in the 2012 Sunday Times survey, 16% of CEOs hold a MBA, while a BCom degree remains a popular choice with 33% of CEO’s holding this qualification. As expected not many CEO’s have no formal qualifications, with only 6% in this group.

Rebmormax CEO, Sam Deuchar says the CA remains one of the top qualifications that young graduates pursue in …

Make every day Mandela Day


Mandela Day is a time to reflect on what is to be a South African, to be reminded of the selfless work being done each day in our country, and most importantly to give our time for the betterment of others.

We were all feeling excitement and trepidation in equal measures as to what to expect, and were therefore overjoyed by what awaited us at the Princess Alice Adoption Home in Westcliff – a beautiful old house situated on the grounds of The Hope School.

Run by Jo-Anne Schermeier, who gives so much of herself to help others, the home cares for up to 30 abandoned and orphaned babies up to 2 years old.  It is an incredibly warm and happy home, …

More Women Non-Exec Board Directors Needed


Whilst the number of women who sit on boards as non-executive directors in South Africa is largely better than the global position in respect of female representation, we still have a long way to go as women face the constant challenge of the culture of patriarchy which is pervasive in this country

Women are generally up against boardroom gatekeepers where gender and social stereotyping, as well as the informal referral systems work against them, and companies are facing pressure from both shareholders and institutional investors to take on the mantle of greater diversity to improve decision making. A clear example of this is the PIC, who as the single largest investor on the JSE is using its muscle to counter the lack of gender and racial …

SA women executives under-represented


Rebmormax CEO Sam Deuchar was featured in the Financial Mail on the topic of women executives in South Africa.

Please view the article at this link:

Learning from your mistakes as a recruiter


We all have bad days, days when as a recruiter we make the phone call with our heart not fully in it and when that call leaves you with sleepless nights and in a cold sweat.

It happened to me recently when I had to focus on securing a lawyer candidate for one of our clients. When the third candidate answered her phone I just launched into the sales diatribe: “Hello Sarah, my name is Nontle and I’m an executive search consultant etcetera etcetera …” The poor woman must have thought I was a nutty salesperson. I was going at 100 miles an hour and I couldn’t even understand anything that I was saying. My head and heart weren’t into it, which translated into my overzealous delivery. Sarah …