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CEO Qualifications in SA


Just how qualified do you think South African CEO’s are? And what should you study if your aim is to be the CEO one day? Research done by executive placement agency, Rebmormax, has revealed that 38% of the country’s CEO’s are CA’s – this research was done from the 2012 top 100 companies as

Make every day Mandela Day


Mandela Day is a time to reflect on what is to be a South African, to be reminded of the selfless work being done each day in our country, and most importantly to give our time for the betterment of others.

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Learning from your mistakes as a recruiter


We all have bad days, days when as a recruiter we make the phone call with our heart not fully in it and when that call leaves you with sleepless nights and in a cold sweat.

It happened to me recently when I had to focus on securing a lawyer candidate for one of our clients. When the third candidate answered her phon

There’s no harm in reading the menu…


…even if you’re not buying Understanding that the relationship with a headhunter is mutually beneficial, could change the way you look at your career

More often than not you will be approached with no warning by a headhunter, putting you off balance and unsure as to what to expect and how to react. In lig

What to expect when contacted by a headhunter


Knowing what to expect from a recruitment agency will empower personal career growth

For many people with a few years working experience, being contacted by a recruitment agency is a daunting experience and what to expect from such a call is unknown territory. Based on our 20 years’ experience in t

Work out your budget before you go shopping – for talent, that is


Shoes. I’m obsessed with them. I’m completely bedazzled, consumed and controlled by this passion. I have too many pairs, hidden from my husband and my children. I carefully put them in colour coordinated rows – and on really bad days, I stroke them.

A recruitment agency can be an elephant


“There is an elephant in the room – believes Rebmormax Consulting – and it happens to be the high cost of the room.”

Sam Deuchar, CEO of Rebmormax Consulting, explains that she has, all too often, witnessed the pain that clients go through in trying

Earth angels on this side of fire


I don’t know if I’ll enter the realm of eternal bliss when I die.  I try to do good things, and try to live according to the value system that is commonly espoused by “good” people. That said, I’m far from angelic and I’ve done things that I truly regret.

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